We solve digital problems for businesses, using decades of digital expertise and the latest best-practice.

Our story

Creating the digital campfire

The first stories were told around campfires – to comfort and protect those in our families and communities. Publishing technology has moved on a lot since then. The Chinese invention of ink and paper. Gutenberg’s printing press. Tim Berners-Lee’s internet. More recently, the smartphone and the Internet of Things.

While the method of communication may have changed, we believe that the best stories are written to inspire – and that they are tools for working and living.

44 Digital is a Digital Internal Communications specialist. We have a long history of auditing, designing, writing, producing and measuring publications and channels for our clients.

Our mission is to create worthwhile digital communication that makes a lasting and positive difference.

Our track record shows we do just that. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to your digital communications, get in touch.

We don’t aim to be the biggest digital agency – but we do aspire to be the very best to work with.

why we’re different

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver stunning digital projects that consistently prove measurable results; and be recognised in the digital industry for unique creativity and innovation. Our expertise spans the worlds of business, the humanities and technology.

Our approach

What makes us different is because we believe that how we deliver digital projects is just as important as what we deliver. That’s why we pick up the phone when you call, and let you know how things are going before you have to ask. These things matter.

Our virtual model

Our unique virtual model allows us to build a team around you from our network of industry-leading creatives and developers. This cost effective flexibility makes sure the right people are working on the right projects. No square pegs. No round holes.

What we do



Trying to engage your colleagues in a changing digital environment? We can help you deliver what your business needs and your colleagues want.


Industry research and reporting

Stakeholder engagement

Business cases

Colleague workshops



Channel audits

Measurement frameworks



You’re in the right place if you’re looking for digital magazines and newsletters. We can support you with the planning, content, production and measurement.


Digital magazines


Blogs, features, news




Video vox pops

Online publishing


Virtual working

Going hybrid? We can help you setup your digital channels to engage your colleagues while in the office, working at home – or somewhere in between.


Microsoft 365 experts

SharePoint development

MS Teams guidance

Yammer content

Streams video

SWAY templates

Power Automation

Insight and analysis



We’re technology agnostic – which means we’re able to make the best of what channels you’ve already got and suggest some new ones to engage your people.



Blogging platforms

HR and news apps

Virtual reality design

Onboarding/induction sites

Learning and development sites

Team development sites


Our Values Matter to Us

They don’t just live as wall art in the studio.

Our values are how we choose to make our decisions, the big ones as well as the little everyday ones.


It’s fine to be friendly. It’s more important to be a friend. We always try to be honest and make the right decision, even if it’s a tough one.


We don’t just read industry news; we’ll read yours. Knowledge about your business and how you want to operate is as important as the latest web design trends.


We want things to look great, of course. But we believe real creativity is about finding ways to connect different dots and solve real problems.


We’ll check we need the i’s before we dot them. Excellence is all about following a robust process and continuing to improve that process.


It makes the dream work. Okay, a little corny, but we’re a real family at 44. We want the people we work with to feel like part of that family too.

IoIC Central Awards
Best Digital Platform,
Best Website
Gold Quill Awards
Best Digital Communication
CorpComms Awards
Best Digital-led Campaign (shortlisted)
CIPR Midlands Pride Awards
Internal Communications Campaign

Our Clients

The three C’s.

Most things in life can be sorted by coffee, conversation and a little creativity. Why not grab a hot drink and give us a call to see how we can start making things easier for you?