Intranet Design & Development 

The world of work is changing, and so are the tools that we use to communicate and create.

The world of work is changing, and so are the tools that we use to communicate and create.

Digital Workplace Intranet design and development

We can help you make the most of your current intranet, or help you design and launch a new one. Already have 0365? We can help you plan how to use the full suite of Office 365 tools to connect your teams together.

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What is the best Intranet Platform for my business?

The best Intranet design and development platform for your business is the one that best connects your business objectives, with your colleague needs. As more and more companies are investing in Office 365 for remote and hybrid working, its in-built SharePoint application is a perfect place to start building a colleague intranet.

What are the benefits of an Office 365 SharePoint Intranet?

The benefits of an Office 365 intranet is that Microsoft have made connected working part of its DNA. Through its SharePoint platform, businesses are able to deliver content to colleagues wherever they are based on their location, their role, and their own individual preferences – all within a single ecosystem.

Do businesses use Google Sites, or Workplace by Facebook?

There are lots of alternatives to intranets in the market, such as Google Sites, Blink Intranets, and Workplace by Facebook. At 44, we’re technology agnostic. What matters most is understanding which platform fits best with your company’s culture and objectives. If that doesn’t exist, we can help build it.

Intranet Design

How to make your content work harder, smarter, and more effective through specialist intranet design.

What is Intranet User Experience Design?

Our approach to technology starts with the human angle. Every business is different and so are the people within it. Designing intranets from a user experience design perspective means we can get to the root of what part your intranet plays in the success of your business.

Why design a mobile first intranet?

More than ever, workforces are mobile. Whether they are in the field, working remotely, or working in a hybrid and virtual world – your colleagues will be accessing your intranet through their mobile device.

What is a Responsive Intranet?

At its heart, a responsive intranet is one that reflects how a colleague wants to use it. Historically, this means resizing for the user’s device – but we can go further, and target content based on a user’s location and their role.

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Intranet Development

Like any machine, every now and then intranets need a bit of an MOT, through ongoing development.

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Why would I need bespoke intranet development?

As technology continues to adapt, there are more and more opportunities for intranets to keep up with the latest best-practice. Even on-site premises intranets, and those using bespoke custom code, can benefit from development. This keeps the platform fresh, colleagues informed, and business communications effective.

Where do we start with a new intranet?

At 44 Digital, we’ve developed a way of working that helps businesses get to where they need to be; no matter at what point they are starting. Through Strategy, Design, Development, Deployment and ongoing support, we can help you communicate with your colleagues smarter and more effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver stunning digital projects that consistently prove measurable results; and be recognised in the digital industry for unique creativity and innovation. Our expertise spans the worlds of business, the humanities and technology.

Our approach

What makes us different is because we believe that how we deliver digital projects is just as important as what we deliver. That’s why we pick up the phone when you call, and let you know how things are going before you have to ask. These things matter.

Our virtual model

Our unique virtual model allows us to build a team around you from our network of industry-leading creatives and developers. This cost effective flexibility makes sure the right people are working on the right projects. No square pegs. No round holes.

The Volkswagen Group UK Story

An engaging digital colleague workplace, while at work or at home

44 Digital Workplace Case Study Volkswagen Group Homepage Mobile

Case study

Based at their Milton Keynes head office, Volkswagen Group UK wanted to improve their internal colleague platform from one that was perceived as tired, out-dated, and slow. They wanted a digital platform worthy of their team who put their life and soul into their work. We called it ‘LIFE Online’.

Through strategic content planning meetings, we’ve been able to suggest and deliver ongoing improvements to the site, its content, and its measurement. By becoming a trusted partner, we’ve become part of the Volkswagen Group UK family.

Read the full case study

Who we’re working with

We supported Volkswagen Group on their digital marketplace journey from Discovery to the Ongoing Roadmap.


If you would like support on a journey like this, or if you’re already on your way and would like some guidance, feel free to get in touch.