Barclaycard WIRED


Cutting-through with consumer-style content


The challenge

44 have been working with the Barclaycard communications team as designers and producers of its original printed publication, subsequent online magazine, and its current re-imagining as weekly consumer-style digital channel Blueprint WIRED. With so many other internal messages to compete with for attention, Blueprint WIRED needed to stand-out capture colleague attention, as well as continue to perform as the story behind the colleague story.


The solution

Through a crisp and colourful new site, the 44 digital and design team works weekly with the Comms team to develop visual elements of the channel on a story-by-story basis. Animations, call-out-boxes, videos: it’s all part of the content toolbox we have developed as part of our fresh, fun, informal editorial style. From selfies, to recipes and fun quizzes: we match the right format to the content for maximum impact. Ultimately we are able to inspire colleagues by encouraging them to take part in community and colleague-led events and initiatives; we always think ‘colleague first’; communication is interactive and often two-way; we have a clear and consistent narrative; and we are inclusive of all businesses and locations.


The results

The site is coded weekly by the 44 digital team in sprints, and hosted on the Barclaycard internal intranet. This approach allowed us to integrate with the group’s use of Adobe Analytics, and track user behaviour, and also user interaction. In the first few weeks of going live in late 2020, and a bespoke launch campaign, the site has received more than 7,000 page views, and enjoys an ongoing dwell time of around 10 minutes, which shows that not only are we cutting-through to colleagues, but delivering what they were looking for too.


What the client says

What an enormous mountain of work and creativity and fun in those pages. I’m bowled over by it all. Really fab.


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