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Development for a sustainable online food retailer


The challenge

In recent years, the world of commerce has changed, the high-street has been affected by the national lockdown and large-scale retail empires have been folding against the convenience of online retail.

44 Foods is a network of high-quality food producers, who recognised a new opportunity to reach their customers differently. Our initial approach was to help them understand who their customers were and we did this through focus groups and surveys and tested various approaches and offers before settling on the one that fit their operating


The solution

Our way of framing their new brand, was through some ‘Reasons to believe’, a framework of their purpose, key value propositions, and service-level goals. This was built around why they were different to their competitors online, and in big retail. This framework has influenced the design,
editorial, photography and even product choice on the 44 Foods site.

This formed key narratives for the launch of the site. Ten key statements that formed the first digital communications propositions. The most important of these became the 44 Food tagline, that they were ‘A fair way to shop’.


The results

44 Foods as a company has been growing since its launch at a rate of roughly 20% month-on-month. We have been able to support them with an ongoing content plan, social media plan, digital communications strategy and proposition campaign plan that are all formed around their brand and purpose.

Through this purpose, we have been able to design and deliver email newsletters, regional newspaper and national radio adverts, and worked with social media influencers to tell their experiences of 44 Foods in their own words. Each channel has had a different and measurable impact on sales, which we track and report back to the team.


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