Website Design and Development 

An effective website is one of the most important tools in business communication.

An effective website is one of the most important tools in business communication.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development is, at its core, all about customer behaviour. We can help you improve or create yours; whether you’re looking for a calling card, a place to tell your brand story, or an eCommerce store.

Website Design and Development Screens of different sizes showing a website Digital Marketing Strategy

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience Design means putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, when creating your website layouts, pages, and branding. What might be aesthetically pleasing, may not necessarily lead to more engagement – and so striking a balance between user interactivity and brand appeal is what User Experience Design is all about.

Why design a Mobile First Website?

User Experience Design extends to thinking about where customers are and what they are doing, when they come to your website. Our research shows that more often than not users are on their mobile and out of their home, when they visit most websites. Designing your website mobile-first is the best way to give them the best experience possible.

What is eCommerce Website Design?

eCommerce Website Design revolves around one clear objective for the site: a sale. All other activity on the site such as content, video, imagery, page design, branding, and functionality should either support the customer’s journey towards that sale or be repositioned out of the way.

eCommerce Development

As technology continues to improve, it’s never been easier for websites to enable online sales. We can help you setup, or create, your eCommerce site to work as effectively as possible towards your bottom line.

What are the benefits of a bespoke eCommerce Website?

A bespoke eCommerce site doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Instead, it means you get to choose what your customer’s journey is – from your home page to product page layouts, checkout, and customer account pages. We can advise you on best practice, and help you make your store your own.

What are the benefits of a WooCommerce Ecommerce Website?

WooCommerce works seamlessly with WordPress, one of the world’s most trusted website platforms. WooCommerce gives you product pages, baskets, and checkout experiences out of the box; allowing you to get set up quickly, and refine your online store as you go based on actual customer feedback.

Website Design and Development Screens of different sizes showing a website Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver stunning digital projects that consistently prove measurable results; and be recognised in the digital industry for unique creativity and innovation. Our expertise spans the worlds of business, the humanities and technology.

Our approach

What makes us different is because we believe that how we deliver digital projects is just as important as what we deliver. That’s why we pick up the phone when you call, and let you know how things are going before you have to ask. These things matter.

Our virtual model

Our unique virtual model allows us to build a team around you from our network of industry-leading creatives and developers. This cost effective flexibility makes sure the right people are working on the right projects. No square pegs. No round holes.

The 44 Foods story

Taking producer to plate, from good to great.

44 Digital Marketplace Case Study 44 Foods Shopping Page Website Design and Development

Case study

44 Foods is a network of high-quality food producers, who recognised a new opportunity to reach their customers differently. After we explained our partner-based agency model to them, it aligned so much with what they were trying to achieve, that they used our number 44 for their name. No, really.

The site was launched through a multi-channel marketing approach. Through digital channels we supported the launch of the platform through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Google SEO and AdWords also keep regular traffic and new customers coming to the site.

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Who we’re working with

We supported 44 Foods on their award-winning eCommerce journey.


If you would like support on a journey like this, or if you’re already on your way and would like some guidance, feel free to get in touch.