Looking to pivot and improve your online B2B or B2C sales?


Reach new audiences and convert visitors into sales with our help onsite and offsite.



Looking to pivot and improve your online B2B or B2C sales?


Reach new audiences and convert visitors into sales with our help onsite and offsite.


Digital Impact Award winner

Since its launch in 2010 the Digital Impact Awards has rewarded the increasingly dynamic ways that digital communications continue to grow.

We’re proud and happy to say that 44 Digital has claimed a bronze award in the food and beverage category for our work with industry disruptor, 44 Foods.

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The new digital marketplace is complex

But it doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate

out with the old

The world of commerce will never cease to change. The high-street is changing. Long-standing business empires are coming to an end. Customers are demanding newer and more convenient ways to shop.

In with the new

The new digital marketplace is multi-faceted and rich, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate. At 44 Digital, our role is to help you reach your customers, on whatever device, and whatever platform they are on.

The 44 Foods story

Taking producer to plate, from good to great.


44 Foods is a network of high-quality food producers, who recognised a new opportunity to reach their customers differently. After we explained our partner-based agency model to them, it aligned so much with what they were trying to achieve, that they used our number 44 for their name. No, really.

Our initial approach was to help them understand who their customers were. We did this through focus groups and surveys and tested various approaches and offers before settling on the one that fit their operating model, products and customers best.

  • Strategic planning
  • Insight and audit work
  • Customer feedback and interviews
  • Focus groups and facilitation
44 Digital Marketplace Case Study 44 Foods Homepage
44 Digital Marketplace Case Study 44 Foods Shopping Page Website Design and Development


Once the customer demographic and the offer were set, it was important to formally define through which existing channels 44 Foods would market, and which new ones would need to be created.

A content approach was created, confirming what editorial, photography and video would need to be produced. A technical document set out what development work would be required. And a governance document set out how the different channels would work together, and who would own each part. A new style guide was developed to give the company a brand that would stand out against its competitors.

  • Industry research
  • Technical reporting and governance
  • Tone of voice and content planning
  • Branding and style guides
  • Social media branding

Design and content

If you want to build a house, first you need the blueprints. We worked with 44 Foods to create wireframes that set out an effective mobile-first user experience (UX) of the site. This allowed thumbs as well as cursors to easily navigate the pages and the products.

With a catalogue of more than 400 items, it was important that they all met the 44 Foods style guide. To achieve that, we delivered a rigorous and thorough product photography process, fit for the site and the brand. A new 44 Foods video was written, filmed and edited, which explained the key selling points of the company – ready for social media publishing.

  • Marketing and product editorial
  • Product photography
  • UX design and wireframes
  • Video storyboarding, and production and editing
44 Digital Marketplace Case Study 44 Foods Mobile Delivery


By working with best-practice backend tools, our development team created a stable and scalable eCommerce platform. Dynamically and meticulously put together, it showcases the new products, explains the 44 Foods proposition clearly, and gives customers a place where they can buy directly and securely. You can get products into check-out in just two clicks. We made sure. We even set up a chatbot to help customers ask customer support questions in real time.

New social media and analytics channels were established as a holistic and multi-faceted online presence that supported and promoted each other automatically.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP development
  • GDPR and legal compliance
  • eCommerce platform development
  • Social media platform setup
  • User testing and quality assurance
  • Friendly and accessible chatbots


The site was launched through a multi-channel marketing approach. Through digital channels we supported the launch of the platform through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Google SEO and AdWords also keep regular traffic and new customers coming to the site.

We have also designed and delivered email newsletters, regional newspaper and national radio adverts, and worked with social media influencers to tell their experiences of 44 Foods in their own words. Each channel has had a different and measurable impact on sales, which we keep a track of and report back to the team.

  • Google SEO and AdWords
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Print media
  • Radio adverts
  • Email newsletters
44 Digital Marketplace Website Design and Development Case Study 44 Foods Multiple Devices

Ongoing roadmap

As the digital marketplace evolves, so does the site and its customers. As a result, 44 Digital has an ongoing relationship with 44 Foods to make sure that new features and products are added to the site, new content is planned and published, and new marketing opportunities are explored and fulfilled.

By measuring ongoing performance, we are able to continually tweak and perfect the right marketing approach for 44 Foods, the platform, and its customers.

  • Google analytics and data studio
  • Social media analysis and metrics
  • eCommerce sales and revenue analysis
  • Regular measurement reporting
  • Strategy, insight and planning

We supported 44 Foods on their digital marketplace journey from Discovery to the Ongoing Roadmap.


If you would like support on a journey like this, or if you’re already on your way and would like some guidance, feel free to get in touch.


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