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We all love a quick win. Here are six simple ways to improve your digital channels without emptying your pockets…

If your digital channels weren’t at the forefront of your communications plan before the Covid-19 pandemic, chances are that they have stepped up to become your main platforms to share information with your audience quickly and effectively.

With so much digital content out there competing for your audience’s attention, here are our inexpensive top tips for easily leveling up your digital channels.

1. Give your channel a voice

You can record phone interviews (with permission, of course), and edit them to share audio clips and snippets on your digital channels. This literally gives your digital channel a voice, adding authenticity to your content. If your colleagues or audience are based remotely, it’s a great way to make them to feel connected through your digital channel.

2. Capture the moment

We’ve all heard the cliché that a picture’s worth a thousand words, and there’s no getting around the fact that images make a huge impact. John Medina, developmental molecular biologist and author of Brain Rules, found that when people hear information, on average they only recall 10% of the information three days later. However, if the information is paired with a relevant image, people can recall 65%.

Most modern smartphones have high-quality built-in cameras, so why not support your post with a quick snap. An unpolished picture is better than no picture, and again, it can be used to make your digital channel seem more authentic to your audience.

3. Bookend your clips

Sharing video content? Consider creating a front and end image to use. They don’t have to be fancy – even using a simple logo will make your videos look sleeker and more professional. You can drop these into place easily using free video editing software, such as OpenShot.

4. Add a poll

One benefit of digital platforms is that it’s really easy to pull instant data from them. Polls work well for two reasons – they are a great way to engage your audience and give you a greater perspective into their opinions on a particular subject. Win-win!

SurveyMonkey lets you ask up to 10 questions in a poll for free. You can either share a direct link to the poll or display it as a popup window on your blog or website. For an internal audience, you can also create and share polls using Microsoft Teams. Simply go to your desired channel or chat window, click ‘Forms’ at the bottom of the app, add your questions and click ‘Next’ to share.

5. Mix it up

Different types of content resonate with different types of people. In order to engage with and reach as many members of your audience as possible, use your digital channels to share different types of content, from blogs to podcasts and GIFs to livestreams.

6. Create a GIF using your phone

GIFs are a great way to add humour to your digital communications, and they are incredibly popular on social channels. In September last year, the more than 11 million hours of GIFs hosted by GIPHY were watched every single day. GIPHY has a whole host of GIFs and stickers that are free to use, and they also have a free app, available for Android and iOS. With built-in tutorials, the app makes it easy to create GIFs from your phone. Simply download, make an account, and get creative!

We hope that these tips help you to make some quick wins and lasting impressions through your digital channels. They’re easier than they look! If you’re searching for some specialist advice on how to improve your digital communications, get in touch.