Measurement that matters

Do you want to measure more than page views and bounce rates? Do you want real insight into what your audience is thinking, feeling and doing?

By using Big Data techniques, we can find out more about your audience than ever before. What they are doing, how they are feeling, in the past, present and predicted future.

Sentiment Analysis... incredible!

Big Data lets you measure incredibly big and incredibly varied data incredibly quickly. Because of this, you can measure the emotional impact of your online communication, which is called Sentiment Analysis. With Sentiment Analysis, you can measure emotional states such as happiness, sadness and if your customers are confused, unsure or excited.

How we do this

44 Digital is based on an award-winning virtual agency approach. This means that our core team is able to bring in specialist partners based on the expertise the project needs. To make Big Data work for your business, we would measure your current online presence, develop a Big Data platform, and visualise the information in the way that works best for you.

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