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What we do

We solve digital communication challenges, and deliver them across multiple platforms. 44 Digital is a virtual agency with a network of alliance partners, which takes into account all technologies, audiences and industries. Listed below are just a few of the services we offer.

Digital content

Any digital communication is only as good as its content. Words and pictures, verbal and visual: essential ingredients of any digital communication. We create lively, meaningful content that involves and inspires.

Film and animation

Moving pictures can bring a story to life in seconds. We produce high-quality video and animation that tells a story quickly.

Web design and development

We believe in a beautifully designed web. We create and build universally accessible websites that connect people and content.

Social Media

Are you maximising the power of Social Media? The word is out and everybody is using it. Social Media is increasingly how people are talking on the web. We can help you join and start the conversation.


Even the smallest screen can have the biggest impact. We design and build mobile-friendly sites and apps, which can conveniently target field-based and time-poor users on the go.


Knowing your audience is everything. We can help you set up analytical suites, targeted mail surveys and even run SEO health-checks.

Pixel-perfect and pocket-sized

It's amazing to think that in the pockets of your audience are video cameras, web browsers, libraries, galleries, entertainment systems, desktop computers and, of course, telephones.

Smartphones are here to stay. We build digital communications that respond to, and take advantage of, all the features they have to offer such as user-generated content and instant feedback mechanisms.


The web is built on numbers

We love fun facts at 44 Digital. Did you know that each day 2 billion videos are watched on YouTube? Well it's true, and not all of them are about cats. Here are some big facts about 44 Digital too.

Creative partners
Core values
Industry awards

"The creative agency of the future will be a portal of many talents... where necessary talents do not exist under a single roof, the agency may create a virtual company for the benefit of each client."

Sir Martin Sorrell

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke

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